EaseUS Key Finder : Find All Sorts of Keys Stored on PC

When we use our Windows PC, we keep installing one software after another regularly. And it involves registering or activating that software with a purchased license key. Windows itself requires activation within one month of its installation using a store bought license key. There are many other commercial software that follow the same practice.

These license keys, product keys, registrations keys or activation keys are all stored on your computer either in the Windows Registry or in some other files. Using a special software such as EaseUS Key Finder, we can search a Windows PC for all these license keys. In addition it can also find passwords stored in web browsers.

EaseUS Key Finder scans your system after the installation and then shows its carefully designed window. We can see the product key of Windows operating system installed on your computer. This key is hidden in the demo version of EaseUS Key Finder. For revealing all the keys, printing them, copying them or saving them, you have to upgrade EaseUS Key Finder to the full licensed version which costs around $20.

EaseUS Key Finder

In a similar manner, EaseUS Key Finder can find the keys for other software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe software and many more. It supports finding the keys of more than 1000 software. It can scan a hard disk drive of a unbootable system or dead system and find all the keys possible from it. It supports finding the passwords stored in various web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc. It can even find the login credentials store on your PC for various WiFi networks.  All the keys can be backed up and exported to a PDF file.

All in all EaseUS Key Finder is a very comprehensive key finder application. There is hardly any software, the keys of which cannot be found by using EaseUS Key Finder. However, it does not show the full keys in the trial version and a license key must be purchased for it to display the full keys.

You can download EaseUS Key Finder from https://www.easeus.com/utilities/key-finder.html.

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  1. Despite it’s advertised ability to find keys for over 1000 programs, on my windows 10 system with over 80 programs installed it found only ONE key (windows 10). It did not even recover it’s own key!
    Total waste of money.

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