PreventTurnOff : Avoid Windows PC from Being Shut Down

PreventTurnOff can block other applications from shutting down the Windows PC. It can be used for preventing the system from being shutdown while we are busy doing some other tasks. For example, if you leave your PC idle for some time, it might shutdown, go into standby mode or the screen is turned off. But by using this PreventTurnOff application, we can make Windows avoid any shutdowns easily.

PreventTurnOff comes as a small portable application. We can extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive and run the application from there. Like other applications, it has a compact user interface full of features. We can choose various blocking features such as standby, hibernation, hybrid sleep etc, logging off, screensaver, turning off of the screen and, blocking the shutdown.

PreventTurnOff also offers a timer which allows us to set for how much time it is going to block the shutdown on a Windows PC. We can set the date and time, choose an action to take during the timer and then enable “Use Timer” option. There are all sorts of actions that be selected from the drop-down list box.


In addition to the prevention of the unwanted shut down features, the application can also be used to manually turn off the monitor, put the computer in the standby mode, hibernate the computer, and turn off the PC. There are two sets of shutdown functions available – normal and aggressive. Both of these allow you to shutdown the computer, restart, log off, hibernate and standby. There is an extra option for logging off the currently signed in user.

PreventTurnOff is a handy application when you decide to not shutdown the computer for a number of hours without changing any system settings. We can run its timer and make the Windows stay up for as long as the timer is running.

You can download PreventTurnOff from