ImgWater : Freeware Watermarking Program for Windows

One way to make sure that nobody can steal your images is to watermark them. By watermarking them you are basically labeling those pictures as your own. We can watermark images with our logo, company name, creator name or various links such as Instagram link or website link.

While there are many professional watermarking software such as BatchBlitz which are able to batch watermark your images with both text and image based watermarks, there are much simpler solutions too. We can use smaller applications like ImgWater that can also watermark a single image at a time. It can work with many different image file formats and can apply only text-based watermarks to the images.

ImgWater is a portable application and needs no installation. After launching ImgWater, we can click on the Import Image button to open and load an image which we want to watermark. We can open images of many types such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and, TIFF.


After loading an image, we can enter the text that is going to be used as the watermark. We can also change its font-face, font size and font color. We can also choose the text alignment – top, bottom, middle, diagonal. We can adjust the opacity of the watermark as well. There is a Preview button which shows how the watermark is going to look before we save the modified watermarked image.

ImgWater is good for watermarking a single image at a time but does not offer watermarking multiple images in a single go. It does not offer image based watermarking either. The application has no option to zoom-in or zoom-out the loaded image. So if you load a very large image in it, then you have to scroll up-down and left-right to see how the watermarking is working.

You can download ImgWater from