Sixtessure : Stress Test Your System Stability

Sixtessure is a free Windows application designed for stress testing a Windows PC for stability. Sometimes the hardware is faulty or is getting old and in those cases, Sixtessure will push such hardware to limits until it collapses under too much pressure. This application has been designed to destabilize your system if possible and should not be used on a system that needs to stay up without interruption.

Sixtessure comes in a portable ZIP archive and you can simple extract it to a folder and launch sixtessure.exe from there. There is nothing to be installed before using it. However, you should close all applications, disable the antivirus and ensure that your CPU is as free as possible prior to running it.

As soon as you click on the Start (Unstoppable) button, it will begin to load your system with a myriad of tests. The testing is completed in six phases or cycles and in each cycle, it pushes your system under heavy load. It generates long prime numbers, saves them on your storage drive and then reads them back.


It uses Mandelbrot functions to calculate fractals and draw them on your screen. This process uses both your CPU and GPU. It is going to make your system cooling fan run faster and with a lot of noise as it is trying to cool down your GPU and CPU.

For testing the RAM, it encrypts very long strings using AES 256 bit cipher. It then decrypts those encrypted strings and compares them with the original. Both the encryption and decryption is done entirely in the RAM memory.


It displays your system’s benchmark score and compares them with other powerful systems that have latest processors and a huge amount of RAM. You can get an idea about your system’s performance and stability using Sixtessure.

You can download Sixtessure from