How to Convert PDF Files into JPEG Images in Seconds

PDF files are everywhere these days from downloading e-books to the receipt of paying the bills online. When we buy something on Amazon, we can download the receipt in the PDF file format. But what if we want the same content in image file formats so that we can use it for other purposes? In that case we will have to first convert the PDF files into JPEG images using a third-party tool. There is an online tool called PDF to Image which can make this task easy for us.

Here is how we can convert PDF files into JPEG images online:

  1. Visit in any modern web browser such as Vivaldi or Chrome.
  2. Click on the Upload Files button and select the PDF files from your computer that you want to convert into JPEG images. You can select a maximum of 20 PDF files at the same time and the single time upload limit should not exceed 50 MB.PDF to JPEG Images
  3. As soon as the PDF files are uploaded, they will start converting each and every page from that PDF file into JPEG image. Once all of the pages have been converted, it packs them into a ZIP file and makes that ZIP archive available for download.
  4. You can extract all the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive to a folder to find all the pages converted into JPEG images. The JPEG image files are named with page numbers next to them so that you can easily find the images belonging to a particular PDF file page.

So this is perhaps the quickest method of converting a PDF file into JPEG images. The JPEG images are very high resolution and very good quality. We can use them for printing easily without compromising on the quality. And if you want to make the JPEG files smaller or resize them, then you can use a software like XnResize or Icecream Image Resizer.