Ubisoft Giveaway : Platformer Game Rayman Origins

Ubisoft is giving away a fun platformer game this week called Rayman Origins. It features the two main characters of the Rayman series of games – Rayman and Globox. This game can be played by a maximum of four players at the same time who control these two characters in addition to two others.

The story behind the game is also very interesting. In the Glade of Dreams, there is a sudden rise of Darktoons which threatens the very existence of their kingdom. The Fairy Council decided to call on Rayman to save the day. Rayman at that time was resting in his favorite place, the Bubble Dreamer. He wakes up and faces a challenge right away.

Rayman Origins

Rayman gladly accepts the job but not without his best friend Globox. They also join hands with two clever wizards. These four make a team that is going to save the Glade and restore peace once again. But they might also fail and watch as their world vanishes into darkness. It all depends on your, the player, to fight the darkness and win the battles for their world.

At the end of each level, you are going to face the big boss monster. There are many such boss in Rayman Origins. There is a huge pink monster with many eyes, there is a pretty looking but carnivorous plant, there is a golem who is possessed, and many many more.

Rayman Origins

The game has very minimal requirements for the computers of today. All you need is a decent processor and 2 GB RAM. The game can be played with both a keyboard and a game controller.

You can claim a free copy of Rayman Origins by visiting https://store.ubi.com/ie/rayman-origins/56c4948888a7e300458b47dc.html?lang=en-ZW, logging in to your Ubisoft account and then clicking on the Get it now button. The game will be added to your Ubisoft game library from where you can install it on your Windows PC. The giveaway will last until 22nd December, 2021.