Electrical Calculator : Calculate Design Parameters for Transformers

Electrical science has advanced so much further from the days when Benjamin Franklin was performing his popular kite and key experiments. Now we are already using electrical energy for doing useful work for us. It has become an essential source of energy for human beings.

Electricity is made to do some mechanical work through the use of electrical machines such as electrical motors. Designing an electrical machine is the job of engineers or technicians and requires a lot of calculations. For example, when designing a transformer, you have to find out the wire type to be used for winding the primary and the secondary.

With the help of a free application called Electrical Calculator, we can quickly find the values of some of the parameters. We have to input some parameters and it will display the calculated values of some other parameters. Weave can enter the parameters such as power, voltage and, current. We can also choose whether we are using single phase or third phase design. It will then find out some of the other important parameters such as secondary current, impedance,  short circuit current across the terminals, etc.

Electrical Calculator

The calculator also displays a formula that is being used for making all the calculations. This ensures that we know why and how this application has arrived at the results being displayed on the screen. The input values can be changed both by manually entering the values through the keyboard and by increasing or decreasing the values using up-down controls through the mouse. Making slight adjustments to the input values shows the newly calculated values instantly.

All in all, Electrical Calculator is a handy tool for the engineers to find all the values for a single-phase or a three-phase transformer. It would have been better if it included some other electrical machines such as induction motors or synchronous motors.

You can download Electrical Calculator from https://www.mc-group.ca/electrical_calculator.htm.