WinUtilities : Free Tools for Cleaning & Optimizing Windows PC

WinUtilities is a free software suite that contains all the tools one would need to clean and optimize their Windows PC. It has tools for cleaning, repairing, optimizing and, improving your PC. It can make your PC work faster by making a few changes in the system settings and optimizing your hard disk drives.

WinUtilities has a good old fashioned user interface that reminds of the Norton Utilities user interface from early 2000s. In its window, we can find many category of tools on the left side such as Registry Tools, System Tools, Files & Folders, Privacy and Security and more.

Under each of these categories there are many tools that fix or repair problems related to that category. For example, under the “Optimize & Improve” category, we can find tools like Registry Defrag, Disk Defrag, Memory Optimizer, BHO Remover and, Startup Cleaner. Under the category “Files & Folders”, there are tools Disk Analysis, Document Protector, Duplicate Files Finder, Files Splitter and Joiner etc.


We can select a category, then a tool from under that category to use that tool. But if do not want to manually pick up one tool or another, then WinUtilities has a feature called “1-Click Maintenance”. By clicking on a single button, we can do all sorts of cleaning and optimizing using this feature. It cleans garbage files, temporary files, defragment hard drives, defragment registry, remove browser history, clean browser cookies and more.


It is a possibility that you do not have time to run this software or you might forget to use it regularly. In those cases, we can schedule WinUtilities to be run at repeated intervals at scheduled times. For example, you can make it clean your PC, temporary files, junk files and, browser cookies at 5 PM every Friday.


WinUtilities is an all-in-one software that has all the necessary tools for system maintenance. It has all the tools for cleaning your PC and fixing many types of common problems.

You can download WinUtilities from