Windows 11 Fixer : Essential Settings for Windows 11

If you purchase a new Windows computer these days, it will probably come with Windows 11 pre-installed on it. And if you have never used Windows 11 before, then you will suddenly encounter a different looking operating system. There have been many changes since Windows 10 and some people want to customize their fresh Windows 11 installation to behave a little more like older Windows 10.

For all those Windows 11 users, there is an open-source tool called Windows 11 Fixer using which they can change some of the most common settings on their PC. For example, with the help of Windows 11 Fixer, we can bring back the classic context-menu, install Google Chrome and make the taskbar align to the left just like in Windows 10.

Windows 11 Fixer is a one window tool – everything is provided in a single window. There are settings for taskbar, File Explorer, right-click context menu, file and folder options, Windows settings and many others. It also offers the user an option to download and install third-party web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It would have been wonderful if they also offered Vivaldi.

Windows 11 Fixer

You can simply choose the options for various of these settings and click on Fix Windows button. It will then apply the changes. Some of these changes require the user to restart Windows while others require downloading of extra software from the internet. For example, it offers many useful software under “Recommended” category such as Start 11, StartAllBack, Microsoft Power Toys, and ThisIsWin11. If you choose to install any of these, it requires downloading the particular installation files from the internet.

With the help of Windows 11 Fixer, we can adjust the taskbar, the context menu and the File Explorer in just a few clicks. Your preferences for certain Windows settings can also be specified in this way. It is very useful after the fresh installation of Windows 11 or when you first use a newly bought Windows 11 PC.

You can download Windows 11 Fixer from