Block Unwanted Calls on Android with Blacklist Calls Blocker

Blacklist (Call Blocker) is an Android app using which we can block unwanted spam calls. This app creates a blacklist of all the numbers from which you do not want to receive any calls. Once these numbers have been added, you will no longer be bothered by calls from them because this app is going to block their calls as soon as they try to call you.

After the installation of the Blacklist (Call Blocker) app, you have to give it some permissions so that it can work on your Android smartphone. One permission that it requires is access to your contacts and ability to make or drop calls – this permission is very obvious. The second permission is for DND (Do not disturb) access which basically gives it ability to silence the phone calls so that it does not notify you, show you any alerts or disturb you in general.

Blacklist (Calls Blocker)

In the Blacklist (Call Blocker) interface, we can start adding numbers to the blacklist by tapping on the small plus icon near the bottom edge. We can add phone/mobile numbers from the contacts list stored on our phone. We can also manually enter the phone numbers. When we choose to enter the phone numbers, we can many ways such as exact number match, the number starts with some digits match, the number contains a pattern match, the number ends with certain digits match etc.

Blacklist (Calls Blocker)

We can also block unknown/private/hidden numbers for which no phone number is displayed on the screen. For blocking unknown numbers, we can enter 1 or 2 or both. When we use 1 or 2, it is considered unknown number by Blacklist (Call Blocker).

Blacklist (Call Blocker) is very efficient at blocking phone calls from strangers, spam callers, or scammers. If someone is harassing you again and again, you can block them using Blacklist (Call Blocker) easily.

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