Clean Junk from Android with Green Cleaner

When we keep using our Android smartphones everyday, it is liable to accumulate a number of garbage or junk files. This happens in a number of ways – the history stored by the web browsers, temporary files created by various apps, orphan files left behind by different apps even after they are uninstalled and more.

These files are no longer needed but keep piling up on the storage space which not only reduces the available storage space on Android devices, but it also hampers the overall performance of the device. This is why it is necessary to periodically clean these files from your Android devices.

There are many different cleaning apps using which we can clean such orphan, junk and garbage files from our Android smartphones. One of these apps is Green Cleaner. The app has a pleasant green user interface and boasts of providing the remedy to the problem of too much gunk storage.

Green Cleaner

As soon as we launch Green Cleaner, it displays the basic statistics about the device – how much RAM is free, how much battery charge is available and, how much storage space is free in terms of percentage. We can start cleaning the junk files by tapping on the big Junk Clean button.

Other than the cleaning of the garbage files from the device, it also offers a number of other tools. For example, it comes with a tool using which we can see which of the apps are set to self-start on Android. We can also see a list of all the apps installed on the system and remove them.

In the settings for cleaning the garbage, we can choose to remove repeated pictures (identical images). We can also clean the application cache for various apps. It can also find very large size files stored on the device which could be occupying a very large share and can be deleted to reclaim the storage space.

You can get the Green Cleaner app for Android from