Easily Rename Multiple Files with Free FocusOn Renamer

We rename our files for a myriad of reasons but in general properly renamed files make for better file management. Files should be given a name that reflects some information about the contents of that file and should also be easy to read. For example, VID2200219.MP4 does not convey any information about what is inside this file, but if we rename it Moms-60th-birthday.mp4 then we do not have to actually open the file in order to find what is inside it.

For making it very easy to rename your files in bulk, we can use a free software called FocusOn Renamer. It is a small and lightweight file renaming tool which emphasizes on clarity and simplicity. It is a single window program and you can find all the options from a single place.

In the user interface, the first thing we have to do is add files. We can add files by clicking on the Add Files or Add Folder button. It also supports a drag-n-drop interface so we can drop the files on its window for quickly adding them to the list. We can sort the list in many ways – name, extension, modified time and file size – in both ascending and descending orders.

FocusOn Renamer

After this, we can begin selecting a renaming pattern. We can choose from a number of templates that it comes from. We can add numbers to files, change their extensions and replace characters from the file name. We can also change the case of the file names and extensions to uppercase, lowercase and a variation of mixes. Clicking on the Rename button starts the renaming of the files.

FocusOn Renamer comes with an instant simulation feature that shows how the new filenames will look after the renaming operation is complete. Nothing is left to our imagination. And if you get stuck, it even has a Help button that takes you to the official website help page. All things considered, it is a very useful and fast file renamer for all purposes.

You can download FocusOn Renamer from https://www.pintosoft.com/en/foren.