Improve Windows Performance with Open-Source Optimizer

As time passed by, our older gadgets start to appear dated and slow. The mighty powerful PC you bought a couple of years ago seems so sluggish now. This is not much so because of the aging hardware, but because of the newly released software that demands more and more from your PC hardware. If you want to test this, all you have to do is install the brand new Windows 11 on your old Windows 10 PC.

We cannot keep upgrading the PC hardware every year and this is why so many people go for system optimizing software like Optimizer that can boost system performance by turning off unnecessary features. It is an open-source software for Windows and works on all versions of Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 11.

Even though we can enhance the PC performance easily by tweaking various settings manually, it is not so easy to do everything manually. There are some security settings and optimization options well hidden inside the Windows Registry and Policy settings. This is why an open-source tool Optimizer can help you optimize your Windows PC easily.


Optimizer has a tabbed user interface. Under each tab a number of settings are provided grouped together by their category. Under the Universal tab, we can disable some of the background processes and services that could slow your system down. Under the Windows tab, we can find some of the tweaks and configurations desired by the users. For example, we can bring back the classic volume control from here.

From under the UWP apps, we can remote the universal Windows apps that come pre-installed with Windows and keep bothering the users who do not even use them. Under the Startup, we can toggle the applications being launched automatically.

Optimizer is particularly useful after a new installation of Windows. From under the “Common Apps” we can quickly select some of the popular software, download and install them. For example, we can select 7-Zip, IrfanView, Firefox, Chrome and Notepad++ etc. All these apps will be downloaded and installed in silent mode without any user intervention.

Optimizer is a very useful application for tweaking and optimizing a new PC after a fresh installation of Windows. It also contains cleaning tool which can remove BSOD mini-dumps, temporary files, error logs etc.

You can download Optimizer from