Flameshot : Open-Source Cross-Platform Screenshot Tool

Flameshot is an open-souce application for taking screenshots and it works on all the major platforms like Windows, Mac and, Linux. It is available both in form of an installer package and as a portable application. The program is very small in size and has no impact on the system resources. It takes over the PrintScreen key to take the full-screen screenshot.

When we press the PrintScreen key on the keyboard, it just captures the contents of the screen and copies them to the clipboard. Now we can paste the clipboard contents in any image editor such as Microsoft Paint. But when we have installed Flameshot, it takes over the PrintScreen key. Then it allows us to select the region on the screen which we want to capture.


As soon as we make a selection, it displays a number of tools around that rectangular region which we can use. These tools include pen, pencil, line, arrow, rectangle, circle, market, text, pixelate, move and more. Basically, it includes all the tools to annotate the screenshots. We can save the selected area into JPEG, BMP or PNG image file. We can also copy it to the clipboard or upload to the cloud.

In the settings for Flameshot, we can find options for its user interface, the tools that are displayed for annotating a screenshot, how a file is going to be named, whether it should copy the URL to clipboard after uploading the image to cloud, whether the default image type be set or PNG or JPEG and more.


We can also set keyboard shortcuts for quickly working with various tools offered by Flameshot. For example, pressing P can select the pencil tool, A can select the arrow tool, B can select the pixelate tool, M can start the marker tool and so on.

Flameshot is a very useful tool  for people who want to capture and save the contents of their screen for blogging, tutorials or videos. It comes with a full set of annotating tools and can save the screenshots in the popular PNG or JPG image formats.

You can download Flameshot from https://flameshot.org/.