MyText : Small Text Editor with Powerful Encryption

MyText is a very small and portable text editor for Windows. It adds more features than the Windows Notepad in the sense that it has some powerful encryption features. It can save files in encrypted format and also comes with a password encryptor tool which can be used to encrypt selected text inside an otherwise plain text file.

The developers of MyText suggest that it should be run with administrative privileges for the first time. This can be done easily by right-clicking on MyText.exe and then choosing Run as administrator. According to the developers, it is necessary for MyText to make changes to the system Registry related to file associations. One of the file associations is the ETXT file extension which is used for saving encrypted text files.


Using MyText is no different than any of the other text editors. It has a similar user interface like the Windows Notepad and nobody should have any difficulty in learning how to use MyText. The new components are the Password Encryptor which can be invoked from the menubar or by using Ctrl+E hotkey. We can use this tool for encrypting selected text using a password of our choice. We can also search and select the text using RegEx search. The encrypted text can then be replaced with the normal text.


When you try to save a text file it gives you options to save the file in encrypted format or regular plain text format. For the encrypted format, it uses the ETXT file extension which is also associated with MyText. When we save a file in ETXT format, we have to supply a password for encryption. The same password is to be used when we want to open an encrypted ETXT file. When we open these files using other plain-text editors such as Notepad++, we see only gibberish.

You can download MyText from