Free Timer : Portable Countdown Timer for Windows

Timers are needed for all the people who want to manage their time for best productivity. This is why all the smartphones come with a timer app. However, if you are using a Windows desktop PC then you have to depend on a third-party timer application such as Free Timer. It is a free countdown timer with many features such as ability to change the color themes and switch to the full-screen mode.

Free Timer is available as a portable application and it does not require installation. It can be run even from portable USB drives and flash drives. It has a unique user interface which displays the timer in both digital and analog format. In the Free Timer window, we can set the time using the up-down controls and set the hours, minutes and seconds for which the timer is to be used.

Once the countdown time period has been set, we can click on the Start button to start the timer. If you want to stop/pause the timer, you can click on the Stop button. Similarly, if you want to start over, then you can click on the Reset button which resets the timer back to the default setting of 45 seconds.

Free Timer

The default style of the timer is a countdown timer, but we can easily convert it into a count-up timer. For converting it into a count-up timer, we can choose Swap Direction from the Options menu. When a countdown timer hits 0, it will play a music file. Similarly, when a count-up timer hits the upper limit of the timer, it will play that music file.

Free Timer allows us to pick the music file that is played when the timer is up. For this, we can click on the Audio Settings button in the toolbar. We can choose from dozens of sounds, we can choose how many times the sound is repeated and we can enable metronome (ticking sound every second).

Free Timer is a very useful and productive countdown timer for Windows users. It can be personalized by changing the themes and colors easily.

You can download Free Timer from