Auto-Correct Typos in Chrome with ‘Did you mean?’

In our very fast and busy lives, we often make mistakes when typing something on the internet. How often we type “bake” instead of “cake” when looking for ordering something online? These mistakes are easily overlooked and can result very foolish situations. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when you order a “book” but they deliver a “hook” to their house. You can either be very very careful when typing things in a browser, or you can use an extension called “Did you mean?” that watches out for your typos.

This extension, once installed, will automatically find mistakes in your searched keywords when you search from the address bar in the Chrome web browser. For example, if you are trying to search for “printer” and mistakenly type “pronter”, the extension will show an injected search term – “Did you mean printer?” which is displayed with an icon in front of it. This can be very useful when you accidentally mistype words and can actually save your time and possibly money.

Did you mean?

In the settings for the “Did you mean?” extension, we can enable cookies without which all the settings are greyed out. Once you have enabled the cookies, you get to choose one of the search engines – Bing, Google or Yahoo. When you select these search engines, they will be used for searching for any keywords from the address bar search. But you can disable cookies and then your manually picked search engine in Chrome will be used for address bar based keyword search.

Did you mean?

“Did you mean?” is a good idea if you are not very good at typing or you are very fast at typing but often make mistakes. It is able to detect all the typing mistakes quickly and can help you look for the correct keywords. However, it is limited to address bar based searches and does not correct typos anywhere else in the web browser.

You can get the “Did you mean?” extension for Chrome web browser from