GOG Games Giveaway – Iratus: Lord of the Dead

GOG has started this new year with a plethora of discounts on their games and also some giveaways. One of the games that they are giving away is “Iratus: Lord of the Dead”. It is a role-playing, action game that takes you into the dark world full of fantastical characters.

Iratus is a necromancer (someone who can raise the dead) who was locked in an eternal prison. But he escaped the prison after a long period of time. He wakes up in an entirely new world where there is no morality and virtues are not known. The world is full of evil itself. Iratus likes this world and starts waking up evil from the dead. With his army of the dead, he is now planning to conquer the world.

In this game you play the bad guy Iratus. You raise the dead and you have to control this army of the dead as well. You start from the deep down and make your way to the surface through a series of battles. Iratus himself does not engage in any battles, but uses his minions to do the fight for him.

GOG Giveaway : Iratus

In order to claim your free copy of “Iratus: Lord of the Dead”, you can visit GOG website at https://www.gog.com/game/iratus_lord_of_the_dead and then click on the Go to Giveaway button. When you are taken to the giveaway webpage, you have to scroll down and then click on the Yes, and claim the game button. The game will then be added to your GOG games library.

GOG Giveaway : Iratus

The giveaway is going to last for next 24 hours only. Once the game has been added to your game library, you can download it directly from your GOG account and install it on your PC. The main game download is nearly 1.7 GB and there are some patches for making it work smoothly on your computer.