Deluxe Ski Jump : Play Classic Ski Simulation Game on PC

Deluxe Ski Jump is a ski simulation game from early 2000’s. This game features many ski tracks from many picturesque locations. We can compete against the computer offline and with other players online. Recently, the developer has released a brand new version of Deluxe Ski Jump that works on modern Windows computers and comes with updated graphics as well as 3D view.

The game is merely 16.5 MB in size (for Deluxe Ski Jump 4 version 1.10.2 which is latest at the time of writing this). After the installation, we can configure the graphics settings such as picking the graphics card, resolution, color depth, vertical sync, anti-aliasing and more.

In the demo version of Deluxe Ski Jump, only World Cup is available for play. Team Cup and Online Game is not available. Even in the World Cup, not all the hills are available for playing. In the demo, we can play only three hills – Lahti, Lillehammer and Oberstdorf. You can see which ones are available by looking at their color (light colored ones are available).

Deluxe Ski Jump

We can create competitors for the World Cup and begin our tournament. In the game play, we have to click to start sliding down the slope. Once we are close to take off, we can press left and right mouse buttons together to take off. The flight can be controlled by moving the mouse up and down. The flight part is best played while the side view is on. And finally we can land by pressing the left and right buttons once again.

The goal in the game is to achieve longest jumps after taking off from the ski track. The game can be played in turns – each player controls the same computer taking turns. This could be a lot of fun during the holidays.

You can download a demo version of Deluxe Ski Jump from