How to Fix “Downloading English (US) Update” on Android

Sometimes, when you are using your Android smartphone, you can see a stubborn notification that just won’t go away complaining about “Downloading English (US) Update”. This notification is displayed when you are not connected to a WiFi network and are using only your mobile data network.

It is a simple message from Google speech services that want to update of offline English (US) language database used for speech recognition. These files are updated from time to time. The default setting in Google apps for your Android device is that it should be updated only when your smartphone is connected to a WiFi. This notification keeps waiting until you connect to a WiFi network and only then it begins the actual download.

Download English US Update

One way to make this notification disappear is to just connect to a WiFi network for the downloads to complete. Second method is to use the mobile data for the updates. Yet another way is to disable these updates, here is how:

  1. Open Android settings on your device and then select Google from there.
  2. On the next screen, you have to select Settings for Google Apps.Download English US Update
  3. Under the list of settings for Google apps, you have to select Search, Assistant and Voice.
  4. On the next screen that appears, select Voice.Download English US Update
  5. On the Voice screen, choose Offline speech recognition.
  6. Select Auto-Update tab and then choose the options Do not auto-update languages.Download English US Update
  7. Long-press the power button on your Android device and then choose to Restart your phone.

After you have restarted your smartphone, you will no longer be bothered by these notifications. If this notification still appears, then you have to uninstall Speech Services from your phone and then update them using Google Play store. For this, you can search for Speech Services by Google and tap on Uninstall. When it is uninstalled, tap on Update to update it.

If you have a really god mobile data pack, then you can also choose the second option – “Auto-update the languages at any time.” which is going to download the updates for the speech recognition using any available internet access whether it is WiFi  or mobile data networks.


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