Memory Viewer Shows Details of Installed RAM

Every computer has some RAM installed on its motherboard. These RAM modules could become faulty after a number of years. This is when you have to replace them. Usually we can open the computer and inspect the memory modules manually to find all the information we need. We can read the sticker labels attached on the RAM modules easily and use that info to look for a replacement RAM from the internet.

Finding these RAM modules on is very easy as they are readily available on Amazon. When buying a replacement RAM module, you have to match the specifications given for your computer’s motherboard exactly or it won’t work at all.

If the sticker or print on the RAM module has worn out, you cannot read the exact information. In that case, we have to find about the installed RAM modules using the software like Memory Viewer. It is a small portable application for Windows that displays all the information about all the installed modules in all the slots of your computer’s motherboard.

Memory Viewer

For each RAM module, it has a different tab under which all the information for it is shown. It shows device locator, device type, manufacturer, serial number, form factor, part number, size and speed for all the RAM modules. Unfortunately, none of this information can be saved or printed and you have to either take a screenshot of the Memory Viewer app or write it down manually using a paper and pen.

Memory Viewer is a very useful application which can come handy when you have to find replacement RAM memory for your computer. Similarly, it can be used to check the particulars of a newly installed RAM module too. In either case, we can get complete information about the installed RAM.

You can download Memory Viewer from