HttpMaster Express : Test Web Applications & Services

If you are a web developer then you know the importance of testing your web applications or services before you publish them publicly. For testing the web apps, web sites and other services, we can either publish them online in temporary domains and check everything manually. But see the web responses for each and every action expected from a client, we can use HttpMaster Express.

HttpMaster Express is a free software for testing web applications, web sites and services. It is a really helpful tool for webmasters to test websites and web applications. As we can guess, the program is designed for only web developers and have no meaning for ordinary Windows PC users. However, it is designed to be very e asy for even the beginners.

As soon as we launch HttpMaster Express, it shows a dialog through which we can create a new project or start a basic HTTP request from the remote server.  This HTTP request can be GET or POST type and we can run a query for fetching or sending the data. We can see the results of the request and how the server has responded.


HttpMaster Express has been designed for experienced web designers and webmasters. It provides a robust test environment that simulates customer activity and detecting any problems that may arise when visiting a website. It supports advanced support for web APIs and web services. Works with XML, HTML, CSS and JSON. We can also use it with locally hosted web servers for testing just as we would use it with online servers.

HttpMaster Express is completely standalone and does not install any services on the Windows PC. It is very small in size (less than 10 MB) and contains everything to test the web services and web apps of all kinds. It if free for personal use only.

You can download HttpMaster Express from