JFX Konwerter : Convert Units Easily on Windows PC

JFX Konwerter is an easy-to-use units conversion application for Windows. It has been designed using JavaFX which is based on Java language and is used for creating desktop applications. This is why the developer has given this application a title JFX Konwerter. It is able to convert various units into each other and the total number of units that it supports is 249.

JFX Konwerter requires Java to be installed on your Windows PC before you can run it. You can get the necessary Java installation files from Oracle website at https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/downloads/.

JFX comes packed in a ZIP archive, we can start using it after extracting it to a folder and launching jfxkonwerter-1.2.0.exe from there. The user interface of JFX Konwerter is very easy to follow. You have to select a unit-type from the drop-down list box such as amount, angle, area, currency, data, data transfer rate, energy, length, mass, number bases, power, pressure, temperature, time, velocity and, volume.

JFX Konwerter

After making a selection of unit-type, we have to choose the source unit and the destination unit in a similar way. Next we can enter the unit value for the first unit and it will instantly display the result after converting it into the second destination unit. Even though we can enter the units using our keyboard, it does come with a visual keypad that allows entering the units using touch-screen, touchpad or mouse.

JFX Konwerter has currency conversion feature too. For getting the latest currency exchange rates, it can fetch the data from the internet. We can also manually update the exchange rates anytime from its menubar or by using a hotkey Ctrl+A.

JFX Konwerter

In the settings, we can set up default units that are auto-selected as soon as we launch this program. We can also change the application language, units language and the appearance skin. There is an option to make ti auto-update the currency exchange rates at launch.

All in all, JFX Konwerter is a very handy application that can help convert many units of different types. Even though Google can convert any unit under the Sun and beyond, JFX Konwerter is going to be very useful when doing offline calculations.

You can download JFX Konwerter from https://github.com/kam1l/JFX-Konwerter.