TimeLeft : Free Online Time Synchronization Software

TimeLeft is a time synchronization application for Windows. It can fetch the correct time from a number of well known servers available online which are being maintained by many governments, universities and other organizations. But TimeLeft is not limited to syncing time with online servers, it comes with many more features. It can be used as a countdown timer, reminder, clock, sticker, stop watch, general timer, and also as eBay auction watch.

After the installation, it places itself in the notification area of Windows desktop and we can access its menu by clicking on its icon there. Basically from here we can both access and create the reminders, countdown, clocks, stopwatches, timers and, stickers.


When launching TimeLeft for the first time, it shows a Quick Task window. From this window we can easily access all the same features that we can access from the notification area icon in addition to synchronizing the system time with that from an online server. We can access this Quick Task window from the system tray menu as well.


In the Time Synchronization module, it gives us a choice from a number of online time servers. All the servers, their address, description and protocol type is displayed in the list. There are two types of servers available – SNTP that connect through UDP and Time which connect over TCP. You can pick a server that is closer to your city as the top preference and use it to sync your system time. You can also add pool.ntp.org to the list because it is the fastest server for the users worldwide.


If you buy items from eBay, you will find TimeLeft specially useful. You can setup TimeLeft to set auction timers which align with the eBay auction timers so that you do not miss the big auctions on eBay.

You can download TimeLeft from https://www.nestersoft.com/.