MultiTimer for Android : All Purpose Countdown Timers

All Android smartphones come with a countdown timer which is easily accessible. But what if you need multiple timers at the same time? In that case, you can use an app called MultiTimer. As the title of this app suggests, it offers multiple timers for Android users. These timers are displayed in the same screen and can be used for many different things such as brewing tea, quick exercises, taking a quick nap, finishing the laundry, for finishing up tasks under time limits and so on.

MultiTimer is a beautifully designed timer with colorful timers that can be used for a myriad of reasons. This app has something called boards. Each board fills your smartphone screen and can contain as many timers as you add. However in the free version there are only one board allowed that can contain only 12 timers.

MultiTimer : Multiple Timers

We can edit both the timers and the board to change their function, parameters and appearance. If you want to add more timers, then you have to edit the board and add timers. We can add timers of many kinds such as countdown timer, quick timer, internal timer, Pomodoro timer, countup timer, stopwatch, counter and clock.

You can personalize these timers in many different ways and change their description, color, symbols and alarm sounds. Similarly, you can edit and rename the boards. You can even export your timer board to others. The timer board is sent to your friends in the MTB file format over social networks or other messenger apps such as WhatsApp installed on your smartphone.

MultiTimer : Multiple Timers

MultiTimer is a great timer application for everyone. Even though the free version offers 12 timers on a single board, if you feel like having more timers, then you can purchase the full version which removes all these limitations.

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