iTop Screenshot : Free Screen Capture Tool for Windows

For a myriad of reasons, we might want to capture the contents of the screen and save them as an image file on the local storage drive. For taking a screenshot, we can use the PrintScreen key on the keyboard. On some keyboards, this key is also assigned a shorter label as PrtScr.

But if you want much more options when taking a screenshot, then you can try a freeware application called iTop Screenshot. Using this screenshot tool, we can capture screenshots of various sizes. It is able to capture the region selected by the user or can take a full-screen shot. In addition, it can capture a scrolling window such as a webpage opened inside a web browser.

After installing iTop Screenshot, it displays two things – a small floating toolbar and an icon in the notification area. For hiding and showing the floating bar, we can click on the notification area icon. From the iTop Screenshot bar, we can take different types of screenshots – user selected region, full-screen, scrolling windows. All the screenshot captures can also be invoked using hotkeys.

iTop Screenshot

Once a screenshot has been taken, it is opened in a small editor. In this screenshot editor, we have access to some of the very useful tools such as adding text, frames, circles, rectangles, lines etc. This way we can annotate the screenshot before saving it. We can save the screenshot in JPG, PNG and BMP formats.

iTop Screenshot

In the settings of iTop Screenshot, we can change the folder where the screenshots are saved, we can choose the default screenshot image type, and we can change the hotkeys for taking the screenshots. By default, the hotkeys assigned are Alt+A for capturing a region, Alt+S for capturing full-screen, Alt+W for capturing the active window and Alt+D for capturing a scrolling window.

You can download iTop Screenshot from