RidNacs : Analyze Hard Drive Space Consumption

RidNacs is a small portable utility for analyzing the storage space on your computer. It can work with any kind of storage media such as your hard disk drives, the solid state drives, external USB drives, pen drives etc. It can show you which folders and files are taking up how much percentage of the space inside a folder.

When we launch RidNacs, it asks us to select a folder. If not asked, we can also click on the folder icon in the toolbar to add a folder. As soon as the folder is added,  it will display the contents of that folder in the list sorted by their sizes. It displays a percentage bar against each of he sub-folders indicating how much share of the total space they are claiming.

If it finds files that are smaller than 1 MB then it won’t display them individually, but it will group them together and display them as “Grouped Files”. This is because when using a software like RidNacs, we are trying to find only very large files that could be taking up too much of your hard drive space. So all these smaller files are grouped together and it focuses on the large and huge size files and folders.


RidNacs  allows you to customize the display a little. We can change the type of pecentage bar is it uses. From a list of many percentage bar styles, we can set the style that looks more pleasant. Many styles are available including – Cairo Helix, Black Ice, Bronze Age, Cairo Helix (beige colored), Center Court, Chrome Red, Crystal, RidNacs Classic, Spectrum, True Blue.


RidNacs is a really useful program for Windows users. We can see how a hard drive is being filled by which of the folders or files. It can be used to analyze folders like C:\Program Files and find out which of the software and games are taking up most of the space.

You can download RidNacs from https://www.splashsoft.de/download/.