Hot Copy Paste : Enhances Windows Clipboard Features

Windows offers the basic clipboard for holding some data for temporary use – for a few seconds or minutes. For example, if you want to take some text snippets from a website and put it in a Microsoft Word document, you can copy that text snippet to the clipboard first and then paste it in the Word document. Clipboard works as an intermediate holder for this data. It saves us from saving everything to the file first and helps us transfer the data from one place to another quickly.

We can further enhance the basic clipboard available to the Windows users through the use of a third-party application called Hot Copy Paste. This small application will automatically store the contents of the Windows clipboard in its own database. It works with all different types of data including text, formatted text, rich text, pictures and binary data. It keeps holding these contents even after the system has restarted.

As you keep using Hot Copy Paste for weeks or months, you are going to accumulate a number of text snippets, pictures and other data in its database. In order to search through these thousands of items, Hot Copy Paste allows grouping of these items, sorting them and searching them. It offers a full-fledged search utility for the text snippets.

Hot Copy Paste

If you have copied and stored something private or sensitive in Hot Copy Paste, then perhaps you do not want it to be seen by anyone else. Hot Copy Paste offers encryption of such items using the powerful Blowfish cipher. Without supplying the correct password nobody will be able to gain access to your saved snippets.

Hot Copy Paste offers favorites feature similar to the one found in web browsers. You can store frequently used text snippets in favorites section of this application so that you can easily access them later.

You can download Hot Copy Paste from