Run Multiple Countdown Timers in Windows with yTimer

yTimer is a portable timer application for Windows. It allows the users to run as many as 40 different countdown timers at the same time. Each of these timers can be made to carry out a task.  One of these tasks could even to initiate yet another timer. The timers can be configured to repeat themselves infinitely or can be made to work in a pair that keeps starting each other.

The user interface of yTimer is not complicated at all. All the options and all the timers are listed in a single window. On the top, we have a list of all the timers that we have created. On the right-side of this timer list we have options for creating instant timers with small countdown time limit set to few seconds or minutes. Just by clicking on these time limits, an instant timer is created.


For creating regular timers, we have to first click on the New button and then enter the various particulars in the section under the timer list. Details to be filled include description of the timer, countdown time, timeout time and what it should do in the end. We can make it create a noise, run a file, run another timer, or display alert on top of all other programs.


When the countdown timer is finally triggered, it displays an alert window with the description as the message. But it depends on how you have configured the timer as it can do so many other things. yTimer is a very useful tool for some basic automation. We can use to launch programs of any kind at a particular time or when the timer countdown is over. However, it is not a full-fledged scheduler and should be used only for alerts or tasks that do not span over multiple system sessions.

You can download yTimer from