Smooth Keyboard is Virtual Secure Keyboard for Chrome

Virtual keyboards in a web browser can be used for many reasons. For example, by using a virtual keyboard we can enter credentials and other data on a website in a secure way. This easily prevents an unknown keylogger from recording your keyboard strokes.

Another good reason to use a virtual keyboard is when you have a touchscreen for your computer. Using a virtual on-screen keyboard is definitely going to be much easier and more convenient in that case.

Furthermore , a virtual keyboard is also very useful when your physical keyboard has become faulty or damaged. I have personally gone through a situation where I switched to virtual keyboard until a new keyboard was delivered by Amazon.

As far as Chrome browser is concerned, you can use Smooth Keyboard which extension offers a really good on-screen virtual keyboard. It is secure and can be used for all the online activities including online shopping and net-banking.

Smooth Keyboard for Chrome

After the installation, it places an icon in the toolbar from where we can change its mode between – Always On, Always Off or On Demand. When it is set to “Always On”, it appears in the web browser as soon as we click inside a text field. In the case of “On Demand”, an icon appears over the text field using which we can make it appear on the screen.

Smooth Keyboard for Chrome

In the options for Smooth Keyboard, we can choose from a number of different layouts meant for different supported languages. We can choose special features like auto-click just by hovering over a button, auto-repeat letters, use of touch-events instead of mouse-click events, and intelligent auto-scrolling.

Smooth Keyboard for Chrome

If you want to type the URL of a website in the Chrome address bar, then it is also possible using Smooth Keyboard. It places its icon in the address bar using which we can enter the URL. This extension can completely free a user from using a physical keyboard.

You can get the Smooth Keyboard for Chrome web browser from