TinyPNG : Fast Compression for WebP, PNG and JPEG Images

When we edit image files using software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, we want to work on high resolution files for the best results. After all the editing work, we want to reduce the size of these image files because smaller files are easy to share online. This is why we use image compression programs that can shrink the image files by more than 70% without compromising on the image quality too much.

If you do not want to use a locally installed image compression software, then you can quickly compress your image files using a web app called TinyPNG.

Here is how you can use TinyPNG for quickly compressing your WebP, PNG or JPEG images:

  1. Open TinyPNG web app in any modern web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Edge or Vivaldi by visiting https://tinypng.com/.
  2. Drag-n-drop your image files on the rectangular area shown in the web app. You can also click on the rectangular drop area and select the images. You can drop a single image file or a group of images together. There is a maximum limit of up to 20 image files to be dropped in a single go and each of these files cannot be more than 5 MB in size individually. Moreover, the files have to be WebP, PNG or JPEG type only.TinyPNG
  3. As soon as you drop the files, TinyPNG goes to work and compresses your image files. It shows the progress and when the compression is done, it displays the comparison of old and new image files. In the comparison, you can see the old file size and the new file size along with the percentage change in the file sizes. You can use the download link against each of these images to download the new compressed images.

In our tests, we found that compression was really fast on TinyPNG. For our smaller JPEG files that we had already compressed using IrfanView, it gave even more compression by almost 50%.