Block Calls from Hidden Numbers with TrueCaller

TrueCaller is an app for Android and iOS that shows the caller ID of all the phone calls you receive on your mobile phone. It can also block spam and fraud calls easily. It matches the phone numbers against its extensive database of spam callers. This is why millions of people all over the world have installed this app on their smartphones. Apart from identifying spam callers and fraudsters, it can also display genuine phone calls coming from various official departments or businesses.

TrueCaller also has some prime features which are unlocked when you buy an annual subscription for TrueCaller. These prime features include the ability to block calls coming from hidden, private or unknown numbers for which no number is displayed on your screen.

Here is how we can use TrueCaller to block calls from hidden numbers:

  1. First of all install TrueCaller on your Android smartphone. You can get it from
  2. Launch TrueCaller. If you are starting it for the first time, then you have to go through a number of basic steps.Block Hidden Number Truecaller
  3. In the TrueCaller app, tap on the menu icon and then choose Settings.
  4. On the TrueCaller settings screen, first select Block and then enable Block hidden numbers.Block Hidden Number Truecaller
  5. This is it, now you won’t be annoyed by any calls coming from hidden, private, or unknown numbers.

Some of the other prime features that TrueCaller offers are extended spammer list that contains even a bigegr list of phone numbers that often make spam calls, ability to auto-update the spam caller list, block tele-marketers that could annoy you when you are sleeping or doing something more important, ability to ghost-call known spammers, ability to announce calls when someone calls you and many more.

So this is the easy way we can use TrueCaller app for Android and iPhone to block calls coming from hidden or unknown numbers. There are many other similar apps, but TrueCaller does a really good job at blocking.