USBDriveLog Shows All USB Drives Ever Connected

There are so many USB devices that we keep connecting to our computers. Since almost all the peripheral devices are now coming with USB support, everyone has connected at least ten different USB devices to their Windows PC at one time or another. When we connect a USB drive to a Windows PC, all the information about that USB drive is logged in the Windows event logs. Using a freeware “USBDriveLog”, we can access these logs and find which USB drive was connected to the PC at what time and when it was unplugged from the USB port.

USB Drive Log is a portable software from the famous Windows developer Nir Sofer. This tool does not require any installation of any kind. As soon as we launch it, you are shown all the possible information found in the USB drive event logs. In its window, we can see a list of USB drive related events. Each event displays the USB drive model, manufacturer, plug-in time, unplug time, device ID, serial number, device capacity, hardware revision number and more. If you do not want to see any of these then you can choose the columns that should be displayed.

USB Drive Log

We can right-click on the list and choose to create an HTML report of selected or all of the items. We can also copy the list to the clipboard for use in any text editor such as Notepad++. From the menubar, we can export the data into a plain text file.

USBDriveLog is very useful if you want to find out the details of all the USB mass storage drives, external USB drives or USB pen-drives connected to your PC. It can help you diagnose the problem when you connect a USB drive to your PC but it does not appear in the Windows Explorer.

You can download USBDriveLog from