Heaven Benchmark : Performance Test for Gaming PC

More and more people are now looking for gaming computers – both desktop and notebook. There is a big demand for powerful gaming laptops. Manufacturers also know about this and this is why there is a wide variety of gaming laptops available today. But if you are an advanced level gamer, then you know the real fun is in putting together your own custom gaming rig. That way you can get all the components that you want for your gaming box.

Once you have finished putting together your own custom gaming PC, it is time to make it work and see how good it performs. For this, there are benchmark tools such as Heaven Benchmark. This tool is based on Unigine 1 engine and comes with many options. When launched, you are shown a number of options such as API to be used (DirectX 11, DirectX 9 or OpenGL 4), quality of graphics (low, medium, high or ultra), tessellation, stereo 3D, multi-monitor, anti-aliasing, full-screen and the resolution to be used. If you do not want to pick all f these settings manually, then you can pick from a pre-configured presets which are basic or extreme.

Heaven Benchmark

When the benchmark is run, it displays a beautiful scene of heaven with a dragon sitting inside. You are taken from one place to another with music playing in the background. The whole place has a medieval appearance but the graphics are very rich and beautiful. When we run the benchmark with quality set to extreme, it really puts stress on the GPU.

Heaven Benchmark

Heaven Benchmark can make your GPU very hot and you can actually feel hot air coming out of the cooling fan if you put your hand in front of it. This is why it is also a good way to test your cooling fans and heat sinks. If you have recently applied new thermal paste, then you should run this benchmark to see how well it works.

You can download Heaven Benchmark from https://benchmark.unigine.com/heaven.