X-Sec Malware Scanner : Powerful Anti-malware for Windows

Keeping your computer protected from malware is not a matter of luck but a number of steps taken to enhance the security of your system. One easy way to make your PC secure is by installing a good antivirus product such as ESET Antivirus or ESET Internet Security. But even after a regular antivirus software has been installed, we can use a number of other security products to scan our system to see if any unknown malicious program as slipped under the radar.

X-Sec Malware Scanner is one of these security products that can be used by anyone on their PC to scan for malware whether they have a regular antivirus software installed or not. The developers of X-Sec Malware Scanner claim that it is fully compatible with other security products. It is also portable which means that we can copy it on a USB flash drive and use it to scan any Windows PC without having to install it.

X-Sec Malware Scanner

X-Sec Malware Scanner has a very simple user interface. As we launch it, we are given three scanning options – quick scan, full scan and the custom scan. The scan modes are self-explanatory – the quick scan checks only some key locations on the PC for malware, the full scan checks the whole system and in the custom scan the user can pick the folders to be checked.

X-Sec Malware Scanner

When it finds a malware, we can choose to “Solve” the problem of that threat. Depending on the type of the threat, it can remove it, disinfect it or take some other action. In the settings for X-Sec Malware Scanner, we can choose which of the antivirus engines are to be used for scanning. It supports five different engines – X-Sec antivirus engine, X-Sec cloud engine, X-Sec heuristic engine, Rising antivirus engine and Rising cloud engine.

X-Sec Malware Scanner

X-Sec Malware Scanner is powered by Rising antivirus engine and therefore can detect a large number of threats on any Windows PC. However, it should be used together with other regular security products for enhanced level of protection against PC threats.

You can download X-Sec Malware Scanner from https://www.xsecantivirus.com/.