Capture PC Screen Quickly with 7Capture Freeware

Taking a screenshot is something that can be done easily at the press of the PrintScreen key on the keyboard. This key is available in all types of keyboards small and large. On a Windows PC, we can first use this key and then paste the screenshot from the clipboard to any image editor such as Microsoft Paint.

But for making it much more convenient and avail ourselves of more advanced options, we can take advantage of screen capture applications such as 7Capture. It is a free screenshot taking application for Windows that makes it very easy to take screenshots and save them in form of image files.

The program has a user interface where we can choose to quickly capture the screen. The program is able to capture the screen of not only the main monitor but also secondary or tertiary screens in a multi-monitor configuration. After choosing whether “Primary monitor” or “Whole desktop”, we can click on the Capture button to take the full-screen screenshot. When 7Capture is running, we can also use hotkeys PrintScreen and Ctrl+PrintScreen to take the screenshots.


We can also the window belonging to a particular application by selecting that application from a drop-down listbox. As soon as we choose one of the application from the list, its window is captured and then the screenshot is displayed using the “Capture View”. After examining the screenshot, we can choose to save it in form of an image file (PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP) or a PDF file.

7Capture lacks any advanced image editor that an be used to annotate, watermark or edit the screenshots before saving them. It is able to capture the window screenshots with rounded corners which was relevant back in Windows 7 and has once again become relevant in Windows 11.

You can download 7Capture from