Watermark Your Images on Windows PC with uMark

There are many reasons why we watermark our images. For one, watermark places a sort of copyright over the images telling the world that those images originated from you. This is really a useful idea for the photographers who want to publish their work online for everyone to see. For watermarking, we can use a number of different programs that are available online such as uMark.

uMark is a small but feature-loaded application for watermarking images on a Windows PC. While most of the other watermarking applications available on the internet offer only two types of watermarks – text and image based watermarks, uMark offers four different types of watermarks. Some of these watermarks are very interesting, for example, we can use QR codes as watermarks for our images using uMark.


uMark has a very convenient user interface that facilitates batch watermarking. We can add a large number of files in the uMark window by clicking on the Add Images button. We can add images of all the popular file types. Once the images have been added, we can start adding watermarks. We can add more than one watermarks. There are four types of watermarks offered by uMark – text watermark, image watermark, QR codes, and copyright watermarks. In addition, we can also add shapes, effects, filters etc. We can also save the watermarks to a file for later use.


We found QR Codes based watermark very interesting. We can add this on flyers, ads or posters so that people can scan these codes using their mobile phone. For the QR code, we can change the data, size, background (transparent or white) and also choose its position on the image.

uMark is a nice little tool for quickly adding watermarks to a number of images. It offers everything that anyone who adds watermarks regularly to their images would desire. We recommend it for all the people who want to batch-watermark their pictures.

You can download uMark from http://freewatermarksoftware.com/.