Create Valentine’s Day Cards Using Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Valentine’s day is almost here and we are all looking forward to celebrating this wonderful day with our loved ones. While some people have already bought or prepared their gifts and planned all the activities for the Valentine’s day, some of us want to make is more special by creating custom designed cards. Adobe has listened and is offering an easy way to create custom Valentine’s day cards using their Creative Cloud Express. It is free for everyone and can be used from any web browser. The cards created by you can be downloaded and printed off from any color printer.

So here is how you can create your very own personalized Valentine’s day card:

  1. In your web browser (preferably Google Chrome or Vivaldi browser), visit Login to your Adobe account and if you do not have an account, you can create it for free.
  2. On the above webpage (step 1), scroll down and click on any of the 30 templates that are displayed. You will be taken to the Creative Cloud Express editor.
  3. In the editor, you can basically do anything you want – add text, add color, change color, change font style and more. It is a full featured editor and we can change the template in any style we want. The more time you take for experimenting, the more feature you will find in it.Adobe Creative Express : Valentine's Day Card
  4. After you have finished editing the template and have personalized, you can click on the Download button near the top-right corner and choose to download the card in PNG, JPG or PDF file formats. We recommend the PDF file format for better printing it on any printer.Adobe Creative Express : Valentine's Day Card

Using the Adobe Creative Cloud Express we can make personalized cards and have the name of the recipient included in the card itself. Lets hope this makes your Valentine’s day a memorable one.