Recent File Seeker : Search Files Quickly on Windows

Recent File Seeker is a free file searching utility for Windows. It is portable and does not require any installation. It offers a large number of filters to narrow down the file searching including wildcards in the file names and file times. We can find recently created, modified or accessed files using this tool.

Being a portable application, we can run it from anywhere on the local storage drive or a removable hard drive. We can also carry it on a USB pen drive and use on any Windows PC. It does not store any data in the Windows’ registry and therefore leaves no traces on the computer on which it is used. However, it saves the search results in form of a text file which is created in the same folder as the Recent File Seeker executable itself.

Recent File Seeker has a compact user interface. We begin by entering the filename patterns in the pattern text box. We can use wild cards using the * character or patterns using the ? character. We can also join more than two filenames using the logical operator OR through the use of the pipe character. For example, we can search for two all the EXE and OCX files using *.exe|*.ocx pattern. By default, Recent File Seeker adds all the binary file formats in the pattern but we can change it as we need.

Recent File Seeker

Among the other options, we can choose the the timestamp for the files that we are looking for, whether we should recurse the nested sub-folders, how old ago should the file must have been created, modified or accessed and more.

As we click on the Start Search button, it begins to go through all the folders one by one looking for all the files that match the pattern that we have specified. A progress information is displayed in the window and when the search is finished, it shows you how many files it has found. We can check the plain text file that was created in the folder to read all the search results.

You can download Recent File Seeker from