CudaCoder : Powerful Video Encoder for Windows

So many Youtubers use Handbrake for compressing the size of their video files before uploading them to Youtube. Compressing the video file makes it easier and faster to upload the videos. While Handbrake itself is a great video encoding and compression software, you can make the most of your Nvidia graphics cards by using CudaCoder. It is a freeware video encoding software that makes use of a feature found in Nvidia graphics cards called CUDA.

CudaCoder can finish the encoding, conversion and processing of the videos faster because it is using the GPU instead of the CPU. Through the use of CUDA, CudaCoder can significantly speed up the encoding of multimedia files. Even though it is a GUI frontend for another software called  NVEnc which is a command line encoder and makes use of CUDA, it offers a much more user friendly interface.


CudaCoder comes with everything in the download package including NVEnc and MediaInfo. These tools are needed for CudaCode to work. As anyone can guess, CudaCoder works only on computers that have GPU with support for Nvidia  CUDA technology. You can discover whether your GPU supports CUDA using GPU-Z.

Using CudaCoder is very easy and is similar to any other video converter. We begin by adding video files and then change the various encoding options. We can choose the envelope type, video codecs, audio codecs, and more. It is able to export video/audio stream, chapters and subtitles, separates and merges audio channels, and hardware encode with NVIDIA CUDA. It supports h264 and HEVC video encoders as well as audio – aac, AC3 or MP3.


CudaCoder is a portable program and does not require any installation. We tested it on an AMD Ryzen system with Nvidia GeForce RTX and it finished encoding of videos in less than a minute.

You can download CudaCoder from