Epic Games Store Giveaway : “Windbound – Brave the Storm”

Epic Games store givesaway one or more games for free every week. This is just one of the reasons why so many PC gamers are in love with Epic Games store. This week you can enjoy an adventure survival game called “Windbound – Brave the Storm” which is being given away.

Perhaps you can guess from the title, in the Windbound – Brave the Storm game, your ship has lost its way and you are now being taken to wherever the wind takes the ship. You play Kara who finds herself on a lonely island in the middle of the ocean when she opens her eyes.

Kara must discover and explore this island to learn more about it. She has to find the mysteries surrounding these forbidden islands. She has to beat all the odds against her survival to come out triumphant. Left to just her basic human resources, she has to learn new skills like making weapons from wood and stones, hunting for food, discovering the flora & fauna of the strange islands, foraging for food and building shelter.

Windbound - Brave the Storm

But survival is not the only thing on Kara’s mind, she also has to prepare for sailing back home. She has to use the resources found on the island to start crafting her own boat. This boat is your only hope to get out of the island and go back home. This boat must be designed keeping in the mind the dangerous waters, deadly sea creatures and the rocks that could knock it down.

You can claim your free copy of Windbound – Brave the Storm game by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/windbound and clicking on the Get button. You have to login to your Epic Games store account before it is added to your game library. It can be installed on your PC through the Epic Games launcher.