Databit Password Manager Offers Military Grade Encryption

Databit Password Manager is a vault based password management software for Windows. It offers very strong military grade encryption with AES 256-bit cipher. It has a unique user interface that is protected by a main password which itself forced to be very strong.

After the installation of Databit Password Manager, the user is asked to create a main password which allows access to various vaults. It forces a minimum of 9 character password which must contain characters from different groups such as numerals and symbols.

Inside the Databit Password Manager interface we can begin by creating various vaults. Each of these vaults itself has a password of its own. It takes us through a  wizard to create these vaults and provide them a name. After a vault has been created we can access it by entering the required password and begin adding various credentials. Each of the accounts added must come under a category.

Databit Password Manager

It comes with many cool features such as logging in to web accounts by just picking the right account from its system tray icon. It does not require integration with browsers, has two-factor authentication and has an optional recovery of the main or primary password for the program.  However, it does not offer any cloud based storage of the saved accounts which has become a norm in password managers these days.

Databit Password Manager

The free version of Databit Password Manager is limited and does not allow more than 38 accounts to be added. But if you do not have hundreds of different accounts that you want to add then the free version is sufficient. In the full version you will find additional functions and access to all reports, as well as the possibility of data backup. It offers lifetime license unlike some other password managers that now work on annual subscription based licenses.

You can download Databit Password Manager from