JoinFiles : Combine Text or Binary Files Together Instantly

There are times when we end up with several small text files that should have been just one or two files. It is much easier to have a single file then to go through a few hundred files. Imagine if you have to search for certain word or data in a couple of hundred files. Instead it is faster to search just a single file for that information. For this and many other reasons, we often want to join multiple files together into a single larger size file. There are tools such as JoinFiles which can be used to combine several smaller files into a much larger file easily.

JoinFiles is a freeware for Windows using which we can combine both text and binary files. It has a single window interface which makes it very easy to use. There are buttons to add files to the list and arrange them in any order that a user desires. We can clear the list to start over or remove any of the selected files. Once we have added all the files that we want to combine together and they are in the right order, we can click on the Save as button to save all the files in the list to a single file to anywhere on the local storage drive.


The program joins files in binary manner so no data is left out. We can use it to join multiple plain text files as well as binary files such as videos, music, pictures etc. In the case of joining pictures, we will end up with a large picture file that displays only the first picture. Unfortunately, this program does not give any option for separating or splitting up the files at any later stage. So once you join many small files into a large file, they cannot be split again into smaller files.

You can download JoinFiles from