Find Windows Key With Windows Activation Key Viewer

There are so many things one must do after buying a Windows 11 PC, that is, the computers which come pre-installed with one or other edition of Windows 11. For example, not everyone likes the apps that come bundled on a typical Windows computer and therefore we should remove them. Secondly we all want to install our favorite apps for common everyday tasks such as 7-Zip and Notepad++. Personally, I also like to make a drive image of the system disk using a software like Macrium Reflect so that I can revert back to fresh PC state anytime I want.

One other task that we all should do is note down the license key for Windows 11 because it could come handy at a later stage when reinstalling Windows. Without this product key, we won’t be able to activate Windows 11 readily. We might even end up paying once again for activating Windows 11.

We can find the Windows 11 license key or activation key using a free program called Windows Activation Key Viewer. It is a small portable application that does not do anything else other than displaying the Windows license key on your screen. It doesn’t even give you any options to save the key in a file or copy it to the clipboard. It is up to to the user to manually type in the key in a text file or write it down on a paper using a pen like the old fashioned way.

Windows Activation Key Viewer

We tested it on a Windows 11 PC and it displayed the correct activation key (we have edited the screenshot to hide the actual key). However, it displayed the operating system incorrectly as Windows 10 even though we tested it on a Windows 11 Home PC.

All in all, Windows Activation Key Viewer is a nice little tool for quickly viewing the license key in a matter of seconds. Perhaps they will fix the OS detection issue in the future versions. A feature to save the activation key to a text file or to print it off any attached printer will also come handy.

You can download Windows Activation Key Viewer from