Kana Reminder : Simple Reminder Tool for Windows

These days there is so much going in this world and our lives that it is not unusual to forget many important things. How often we forget to buy gifts for our loved ones and how many times we ended up paying the bills after the due date? This is why we need someone to remind us of all the important things. A freeware application for Windows called Kana Reminder can do this job efficiently.

Kana Reminder is a very easy reminder tool for Windows PC. It can be used to display alerts on the Windows screen at specified date and time. It has a tabbed user interface in which it allows the user to add reminder events easily.

Kana Reminder

Under the Reminder tab, we can add as many reminder events as we want. For each reminder, we have to input the message that would be displayed for that reminder, the date and time at which that event is triggered and whether it has to be triggered only once or at regular intervals. We can also make it play a custom sound when the reminder is displayed.

Kana Reminder

When we have added all the reminders, they are all displayed under the Reminder tab. We can modify them or remove them as we please. Under the options for Kana Reminder, we can choose to use countdown timers instead of the exact times for the reminders. For example, we can make the reminder trigger in next 5 minutes instead of exactly at 10:00 AM.

Kana Reminder

Kana Reminder also comes with a password feature which locks the user interface with a user chosen password. This ensures that nobody else can add, edit or remove your reminder events without asking seeking your permission first.

Kana Reminder works effortlessly on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 7 to Windows 11. It takes only a fraction of the system resources. It can really help you avoid forgetting buying special chocolates and flowers for your special someone this Valentine’s day.

You can download Kana Reminder from https://kanasolution.com/products/kana-reminder/.