Fine Tune Ryzen Performance with AMD APU Tuning Utility

AMD APU Tuning Utility is an open-source tool to fine-tune the AMD Ryzen processors for better performance. It is specially designed to work with the laptops that come with the mobile edition of the Ryzen processors.  Because of the use on a laptop, sometimes the manufacturers have put a limit on the powers of the processors. Using this lightweight utility, we can unlock the full power of the Ryzen processors. It works with 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx and 6xxx series of the Ryzen Mobile processors. It can also be used on desktop computers.

With the help of the AATU we can take full advantage of the capabilities of the Ryzen Mobile processor. It does come with a GPU overclocking section but that works only for 2xxxG series of the Ryzen processors as only they come with integrated graphics.

The tool comes with presets that we can use. For this we have to switch to the Pre-Made Presets, choose a processor from the list and it will show is the preset settings. We can simply click on the Apply Settings button to apply the new settings. The new settings become effective immediately.

AMD APU Tuning Utility

AATU should be used by experienced users only as it can result in generation of extreme heat in laptops which usually do not have very good cooling system. If you raise the processing power using this tool, your laptop battery will discharge at a faster rate. It is better that you keep your laptop plugged to the AC socket when using your laptop with AATU altered settings. Similarly, you have to keep the laptop in an air-conditioned environment so that it does not get heated too much.  Another way to ensure good cooling is by adjusting the cooling fan settings from the system BIOS/UEFI.

You can download AMD APU Tuning Utility (AATU) from