Scan, Visualize and Clean Local Storage Drives with Dissy

After we have used our computer for a number of months, chances are that it has a number of useless files that we don’t really need. These files are doing nothing productive and are just occupying the storage space on the local drives. With the help of a freeware called Dissy, we can analyze the storage space on any hard disk drive or solid state drive. Dissy can visualize the sharing of storage space to display the folders which are claiming a larger portion of the total available space.

Dissy has a modern pleasant looking user interface which offers a number of tools. It opens up with the drive analyzer tool. Here we can add all the drives or folders that we want to scan. If you want to scan a portable drive that is not yet attached, then you can click on Attach new drive button and then attach the new drive before it can detect the new drive.


After the scanning has been completed, it shows a graphical display of how the total drive space is being taken up by various folders or files in the order of their size. It also displays the various file types segmentation under the graphical display of how the drive space is being used. In addition, it shows a big list of all the files and folders found on the selected drive. Each scanned folder or file is described in detail. We will find out how much each directory takes up space on the storage drive.


In addition to the standard space analyzer, there are also several other useful tools that search for directories and large files, create data backups and search for duplicate files on the computer. If you find some of the unwanted files, you can remove them to free up your drive space. The deleted files can be sent to the recycle bin and can later be restored. You can add your important files so that they are not accidentally removed.

Dissy is a very productive local storage drive analysis tool that can help you keep your drives clutter free. You can use it on your Windows, Linux or macOS computer.

You can download Dissy from