GhostVolt : Powerful Encryption Software for Windows

Everyone has some important files on their computers which they want to protect from others. An easy way to protect your files from others is encryption. By encrypting your files, you protect them against unwanted access by others. Even if someone gets access to your encrypted files, they would not know the password used to decrypt it or which application to use for decryption.

A utility called GhostVolt goes beyond the basic encryption and provides even more protection against your files and folders. It can lock your files or folders from unauthorized users. It uses an advanced encryption cipher AES 256-bit which is impossible to break with the present day technology.

The program is very easy to use and does not consume too many of the system resources. We start by creating a new GhostVolt. We can also connect to an already existing GhostVolt over a network or on Microsoft OneDrive. The wizard also lets you select the drive where your data is going to be stored. After the connection to your GhostDrive, you will see a window where you can add your files or folders for protecting them.


To protect and encrypt our files, we just drag-n-drop a file or folder to the program screen, and then the application will lock it. The locking (encryption) process requires that you supply the appropriate password. GhostVolt will protect all types of files – documents, photos, videos and other type of data on the user’s drive.


The program is available in three versions – GhostVolt Start, GhostVolt Solo and GhostVolt Business. The Start version is the only version available for free but is for protecting only a smaller number of files . The Solo and Business versions are not free, have many more features and come with email support from the developer.

You can download GhostVolt from