Videomass : FFmpeg GUI for Linux, Mac and Windows

Many people are familiar with the powerful command line tool FFmpeg using which we can process any type of audio or video file. FFmpeg is an open-source project that works on many different platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux and more. If you are comfortable using command line interface (CLI) tools then FFmpeg is the perhaps the best tool out there.

However not many people find it fun to use the command line tools – especially the newer generations who started using computers with Windows 7. If you also groan at the very prospect of using a CLI tool like FFmpeg but also want the powerful features that it offers, then you can try a GUI front-end for FFmpeg like Videomass.

Videomass is a small tool that works with FFmpeg and allows any audio or video files to be merged or converted into other formats from the comforted of a graphical user interface. It is designed to be lightweight and portable. As it leverages the power of FFmpeg, it supports a large number of media file formats and works really fast. It also supports user-defined profiles to be managed and conversion or transcoding processes to be automated.


When we launch Videomass, it shows several options to be picked from its window – presets manager, conversions, and concatenate media files. The presets manager lets you create and save various presets which can be used to convert media files in a certain way. The conversions tool takes you to a wizard like interface to select and convert your media files. And the concatenate tool can help you merge various audio or video files together into a large media file.

Before we can use Videomass, it asks for us to locate FFmpeg on the local storage drive. We can download FFmpeg from and extract it to a folder on the local drive. Then we can select that folder in the Videomass interface so that it can use it.


After adding the media files, we can proceed to the next step using the arrow icons in the toolbar. It takes us to the step where we can pick a preset for conversion and then we can click on the convert icon in the toolbar. It opens a progress window where the FFmpeg command and its output is displayed.


Videomass is a very useful tool for converting media files from the comfort of the graphical user interface and with the power of the command line tool FFmpeg. It can be used on a number of platforms and is very light on resources.

You can download Videomass from