How to Check System Information from Chrome Web Browser

If you want to find out about the system information of your computer, then you either have to find out this from the Windows settings or use a third-party application. For the former, we can open the Windows settings using  the hotkey Win+I. And for the latter method, we can use a software like CPU-Z, Speccy or HWInfo.

However, if you do not want to use any of these methods then there is another way to find the system information through the Chrome web browser. It is made possible through a Chrome web browser extension called System Info.

After installing System Info in the Chrome web browser, we can see a new icon in the Chrome toolbar. We can click on this icon to view the system information about the computer on which the Chrome web browser is installed.

System Info for Chrome

In the information, we can see the CPU used on the system, the model, make and the maximum possible clock frequency used by it. It also displays the system architecture used such as x86 or x86_64. It displays the number of cores in the CPU reported by the web browser.

For each of the cores reported by the CPU, it displays the activity of each core including the user, kernel, idle and the total time. Finally in the end it shows the total RAM installed on the system and the amount of RAM freely available.

The extension does not give detailed information like the one you would receive from software like HWInfo or Speccy. However, it is a quick way of knowing about the status of the CPU and the RAM usage when you are using the Chrome web browser without having to switch from the web browser to any other application.

You can get the System Info extension for Chrome browser from